關于 Ovid®

竞彩总进球投资 www.evxgv.com Ovid 已經成為了世界各地成千上萬的研究人員、醫務人員、信息管理員、圖書管理員和學生的必備工具之一,他們通過Ovid搜尋信息以獲得新發現、推動研究進展并且完善病人照護。我們提供定制的臨床,研究和教育解決方案,幫助每個人和每個組織將信息轉化為知識。



關于 Lippincott®

Lippincott 是為醫生,護士,專業臨床醫生和學生提供專業健康信息的國際領先出版商之一,提供各種印刷和電子格式的重要信息,涵蓋從期刊,書籍到數字解決方案。



關于 Medknow

Medknow provides publishing services for peer-reviewed, online and print-plus-online journals in medicine on behalf of learned societies and associations with a focus on emerging markets. With a promise to provide solutions for the scientific publishing community, Medknow’s mission is to help medical societies disseminate research, thus supporting the transformation of research into knowledge. Medknow operates the Open access (OA) model of publishing services, providing unrestricted online access to peer-reviewed scholarly research. Medknow was acquired by Wolters Kluwer in December 2011, and has continued to grow its journal portfolio, extending its publishing partnerships in China, the Middle East, and other growth markets. Today, Medknow provides publishing services to over 400 medical society journals in over 40 specialties.